Lindsay Falvey's Books

Small Farmers Secure Food: Survival Food Security, the World’s Kitchen and the Critical Role of Small Farmers. Pp 232. Thaksin University Press in association with the Institute for International Development. (2010)

Small farmers tilling handkerchief sized farms feed more than half the world. They thus maintain national stability, forestall conflict and reduce emigration.
Secure food supply is nothing short of national security. Such facts define the poor world, yet are misunderstood by nations that in␣uence international development. Practitioners know that small farmers’ yields can exceed those of large farms. They also know that food security means guaranteeing enough food to survive as a national priority unrelated to free trade. Good governments of poor countries practice this to avoid food shortages and anarchy. Food always comes first – that is the message of this powerful book. History is replete with failed societies that lost sight of the centrality of food and farmers. Today, wealthy country delusions of isolation from instability in the rest of the world open everyone to an unprecedented risk. These matters are, in this book, refocused on the essentials of life, global security and peace. Polemic in parts, it shows the situation as it is.

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